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Reference no. 814-042-1
Compact case
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Rajiv Agarwal (S P Jain Institute of Management & Research)
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3 pages
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Generalised experience


This is a case of an ambitious entrepreneur whose single-minded pursuit for topline growth determines all actions in running this company. This results in a situation which raises serious questions about the future of his company. The case attempts to showcase the results of one person’s desire to have topline growth for status, and of following this strategy blindly. The case deals with rapid growth, financing for growth using debt, and the long-term impact of sacrificing profitability over sales growth. The protagonist is running his entrepreneurial venture and has a burning desire to increase his revenues just to prove his competence to his family, from whom he had separated a few years earlier. The case leaves the reader at a stage where a friend, a Chartered Accountant by profession, is asked to examine the financials and advise what the next course of action should be.


Finance control; India; Entrepreneur; Ego; Cost control
USD50 million
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