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Amity Research Centers (2014)
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In the field of digital technology, the phenomenal strife between two giants Apple and Samsung went on to set precedents in business history. While the first decade of the 21st century witnessed the persistent legal tussle between the two digitech giants, the next decade experienced an added dimension to their rivalry as both the companies made their foray into digital healthcare. While Samsung had its presence made felt in the realm of mHealth rather earlier, Apple took the vanguard of digital healthcare landscape in mid-2014 through its announcement of HealthKit, an app claimed to have a range of features that would ease out personal healthcare to a great extent. There had been speculations all around concerning the great rivalry. While some analysts tended to indicate an advantageous position for Samsung as its rival Apple arrived later in the fray, others spoke of an intense battle for supremacy with Apple going all out to present its health app as something consumers would never have thought of erstwhile. Both the rivals were also expected to face added challenges from other top shots as well with the entire business landscape experiencing an era of unprecedented digital transformation. Under such circumstances, it remained to be seen what kind of lessons would emanate from the strategies adopted by both the rivals to remain afloat in the newly emerged business space of digital healthcare. This case is part of the Amity Research Centers free case collection (visit for more information on the collection).


mHealth; Digital technology; Apple's iWatch; HealthKit; Samsung's digital health challenge; Breakthrough technology
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