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German language
Reference no. D314-368-1
Published by:
University of St Gallen (2014)
22 pages
Data source:
Published sources
This is a German version. The present case study uses the St Galler Management-Model to explore the corporate management of General Electric (GE). Empirically, the study draws on 33 letters to the shareholders from 1981 to 2013. The letters were coded along the 10 value drivers of the St Galler Management-Model. In this part (part B) of the case study the data were used to describe the corporate management under the new CEO Jeff Immelt. His term of office was characterized by an uncertain environment. J Immelt responded to it through four strategic fields of actions (active portfolio management, organic growth and innovation, internationalization, synergy management, and customer focus and marketing expertise) in order to steer GE into the future.
Learning objectives:
1. Understand the corporate management as strategic device, corporate value drivers, and the corporate transformation of GE as best practice scenario.
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