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Reference no. UVA-G-0541
Compact case
Published by:
Darden Business Publishing (1998)
4 pages
Data source:
Field research


The C case (see also the A [UVA-G-0539] and B [UVA-G-0540] cases) presents some of the unanticipated pluses of having entered into the fractional-ownership arrangement. Each of the pluses can be discussed and reviewed. The real message students should take away from the C case is that decisions are always made with incomplete information (i.e., Don Baldwin did not really anticipate these benefits, and certainly did not assign a cash-flow value to them). Thus, management is also about continually looking for alternatives and creative uses for existing resources. One might hypothesize that the tendency in most decision making, when contemplating a ''go'' versus ''no-go'' decision, is to identify and evaluate risks and negative ''what-ifs''. This approach is in contrast to decision making once a ''go'' decision is under way, when the focus turns to thinking creatively and opportunistically about ways to leverage the ''go'' situation.


Aircraft justification; Capital budgeting; Capital investment; Financial accounting; Operations management

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