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IBS Center for Management Research (2015)
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Yoga, an ancient Hindu philosophical practice, was claimed to be developed in the northern parts of India nearly 5000 years ago. It combined body movements and fixed postures with meditation, spiritual, and holistic exercises. According to the International Yoga Federation, over 300 million people were practicing yoga all over the world by 2008. Yoga gained high popularity and worldwide recognition due to its manifold benefits and overall growth of an individual in terms of body, mind and soul. Western countries have taken this a step forward and develop it as an industry, by standardisation of its training and development practices. The growing business potential prompted yoga teachers in US to rush for patenting. India raised strong protest through all its channels and US admitted that patents were given for yoga related products made in US but not to yogic postures. India became alert and had set up a resource team to research and standardise yoga postures, to ensure owning and developing yoga.


Yoga; Meditation; Asana; Spirituality; India brand; Health; Indian industry; Patents; Yoga patents; Trade marks; Copy rights; India US legal war on yoga patents
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