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Amity Research Centers (2015)
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As techno innovation became the spotlight of an ever evolving business landscape, the field of healthcare embraced it aiming at many an unprecedented solution. And such a state of convergence between healthcare and technological development was made possible by some technocrats who often tried to do things that happened never before. One such personality was Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong (Soon-Shiong). Arguably the world’s richest doctor, he had dawned a number of new chapters in the province of healthcare that included creation of blockbuster medication Abraxane used to treat cancer. His latest spree came with NantHealth, a transformational subsidiary of NantWorks, the healthcare company he founded in 2011. The healthcare solutions offered by NantHealth was claimed to make the process of diagnosis far better and target specific disease traits by transforming clinical as well as operational delivery with instantaneous and actionable clinical data. Besides, a new data sharing mechanism developed by Soon-Shiong was being claimed to change the face of cancer treatment like never before. While many were found to laud his endeavour, such a development was facing a lot of criticisms owing to several factors including privacy issues. In the midst of all these contentions, would Soon-Shiong be able to set a precedent in the province of healthcare? If so, what would be the barriers he would surmount and what were the options he had in order to do so? This case is part of the Amity Research Centers free case collection (visit for more information on the collection).


Techno innovations; Short-seller interest; Revolutionary ideas; Whistle-blower lawsuit; Transformational healthcare company; Cost-effectiveness
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