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Reference no. 715-053-1
Published by:
Cranfield School of Management (2015)
7 pages
Data source:
Field research
This case examines how a very public and high profile commitment to sustainability at Desso, the Dutch headquartered carpet and floor tiling manufacturer, has both stimulated and driven a new approach to product and service innovation. The commitment has proved to be both a driver for and a stimulus of much more collaboration between different parts of Desso and its supply chain, which previously had been operating with a 'silo' mentality. The case provides an opportunity for students to explore the emerging principles of innovating responsibly.
Learning objectives:
1. How does commitment to sustainability force a company to be more proactive in innovation: products & services, processes, marketing and business organisation. 2. How commitment to sustainability frames acceptable parameters for future innovations. 3. How sustainability leads to companies being more eclectic and open internally and externally and to partnerships with others, for innovation.
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