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Web-based case
Reference no. NG1-120-I-M
Published by:
IE Business School (2016)
Web-based case
Data source:
Field research
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This multimedia case presents the negotiation process between Repsol YPF and Intermon Oxfam over the issue of transparent accounting. Students are divided into two groups and take on the role of Repsol or Oxfam in a negotiation role play. The multimedia material also provides a platform where students are able to compare their own negotiation results with their classmates.
Learning objectives:
1. Balance competition and cooperation - students will be exposed to a situation in which competition and cooperation strategies are used together. 2. How corporate culture plays in negotiation - critical skills in negotiation are to detach yourself from your own culture and understand the world from the other parties’ eyes. Repsol’s corporate culture is very different from that of Intermon Oxfam. 3. The role of external factors and off the table strategies in negotiation. 4. The role of internal stakeholders that each actor needs to deal with in the negotiation.
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