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Background note
Reference no. 816-0115-5
Srividya Raghavan (IFIM Business School)
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18 pages
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This background note was developed as a comprehensive reading for an introductory module in the basic entrepreneurship course to familiarize students to the notion of entrepreneurship. The note discusses the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in a business and macro-economic context. Various perspectives on entrepreneurship are discussed and scope of what comprises entrepreneurship is drawn out. The objective of the note is to underscore the importance of theory driven practice and action in the face of uncertainty. Even though entrepreneurial actions and practices sometimes appear strange in the eyes of the untrained, it is important to recognize that entrepreneurs have their own ways of ensuring business results. The note also discusses the role of entrepreneurship in established business houses and the growing acceptance of the idea that entrepreneurship can be taught and learnt.
Learning objectives:
1. Appreciating the various perspectives to entrepreneurship. 2. Role of entrepreneurship in the economy. 3. Debunking the myths of entrepreneurship. 4. Corporate entrepreneurship. 5. Deliberation on whether entrepreneurship can be learnt.
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