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WDI Publishing, William Davidson Institute (EDI), University of Michigan (2013)
February 9, 2013
20 pages
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Madison Ayer, Honey Care Africa (HCA) CEO, is looking to scale the business to generate more benefits for Kenyan small-holder farmers. He is seeking a better assessment of HCA's impacts on farmer families, especially children age 8 and under, to attract investors for the expansion. Ayer is also attempting to reduce side-selling by building stronger relationships with farmer families and perhaps hiring brokers. Students are asked to identify opportunities to generate greater impact and enhance the enterprise's value proposition.
Learning objectives:
1. After discussing this case, students should be able to; gain a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges in building enterprises that source goods or services directly from BoP producers. 2. Explore strategies to reduce side-selling. 3. Holistically assess the impacts of an enterprise on BoP producers and their families, with a special focus on children age 8 and under. 4. Identify opportunities to generate greater impacts and enhance the enterprise's value proposition.
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