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Reference no. 317-0235-1
Published by:
Asian Business Case Centre (2017)
13 April 2017
28 pages
Data source:
Field research
In 2016, two years after leading OCBC through its largest acquisition of Wing Hang Bank, Group CEO Samuel Tsien settled into his flight home from a townhall meeting with his new colleagues in Hong Kong. Addressing them in Cantonese, he felt that the session went well, and that the cultural fit was good. Tsien continued the OCBC tradition of being sensitive to the concerns of staff in the acquired entities and their local business and regulatory requirements, even as OCBC integrated them to group standards in finance, compliance, audit and risk management. How did OCBC execute its acquisition strategy? What was its approach to integrating its acquisitions? This case has been featured on our website, click to view the article.
Learning objectives:
1. Identify the key factors behind the success / failure of each merger and acquisition (M&A) target. 2. Identify the underlying value sought for each M&A target. 3. Identify the differences in approach behind the integration of each M&A target. 4. Identify for each M&A target, the obstacles faced in each integration exercise, how they were resolved and the learning points realized.
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