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Harvard Medical School, Center for Primary Care (2017)
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12 pages
Data source:
Field research


This supplement is to accompany the case. This case focuses on the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers (CCHP) in Camden, New Jersey with protagonist, Dr Jeff Brenner. Presented with an unprecedented opportunity to expand the organization’s scope of work and effectiveness, Dr. Brenner and his leadership team struggle with the implications of such an opportunity. The team grapples with decision-making processes, alignment, operations, and their role in the social health community of Camden. The case explores CCHP through their well-known Care Management Initiatives, their journey to becoming a functional Medicaid Accountable Care Organization, their past successes and failures in community grant work, and their new Housing First opportunity. Within these various programmatic explorations, the themes of efficacy, patient relationships, servant leadership, community relationships, and value / cost are highlighted.


Non-profit management; Social determinants of health; Health services; Data utilization; Care management; Partnerships; Accountable care organisation
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Health care

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