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Reference no. 9-917-541
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Harvard Business Publishing (2017)
26 May 2017
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10 pages
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After the contentious firing of an office manager, the leadership at Fresh to Table, a software-as-a-service provider for luxury hotels and restaurants, make an unpleasant discovery. While reviewing the office manager's internal electronic communications, company leaders discover that several key employees, including two that were recently promoted, had been spending substantial time on internal social media channels disparaging other employees, citing days when they skipped work, and referring to other instances of unprofessional behavior. This 5-page case explores issues related to electronic communications, termination and disciplinary procedures, and leadership, culture and values. It can be used in General Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Management Communication, Leadership, and Employee Relations courses. The case also allows students to consider how technology affects organizational interactions and culture.


Computer software; Electronic communication; Employee behaviors; Employee privacy; Employee values; General management; Human resource management; Leadership; Legal aspects of business; Organizational behavior; Organizational culture; Organizational values; Social media; Termination
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