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Arnab Banerjee (Infosys Ltd)
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15 pages
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Generalised experience
The case study describes the Information Technology (IT) driven transformational project of Dream Driveline Corporation's three plants in France, Sweden and Germany, from the perspective of project management. There are three stories - one about each of the three manufacturing plants - highlighting the individual project management styles of the plants' project and plant managers. The protagonist of the case is the Program Manager of the organization's IT team, Dr Banerjee, who works closely with the three plant managers, Gerard of France, Lucas of Sweden and Hubert of Germany, who represent their respective business teams. The case study explores the decisions taken by the three managers in various phases of the project and how these impacted the overall project results. The case then draws a comparative analysis through a relative rating of the three managers for different project tasks. A comparison is drawn among the managers' project management skills and soft skills. The comparative analysis and findings help compare the personality traits / personal qualities and characteristics of the project managers. The protagonist then draws out traits and skills of an ideal project manager for such transformational projects.
Learning objectives:
1. To help students understand the various roles, responsibilities, traits, skills, situation handling abilities required and expected of a project manager for IT and ERP transformational projects. 2. Appreciate the importance of soft and people skills to get into a project management role. Awareness and learnings about how to deal with subordinates, counterparts and managers in a project environment for a successful end result. 3. To learn about the potential pitfalls of wrong decisions in a transformational project.
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