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Joel Gehman (Independent Author); Mana Heydari (Independent Author); Ashley Theberge (Independent Author); Sid Tetz (Independent Author)
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This is part of a case series. Northgate Industries LTD provides modular structures to the oil and gas construction sites for lodging purposes. One of its large manufacturing facilities is located near the Edmonton City Centre Airport area and Northgate has been utilizing the airport for multiple business purposes. Currently the City of Edmonton is considering closing down the airport instead of repairing it. After numerous city meetings, input from the public, and a benefit cost analysis, the city eventually decided to close down the city center airport and to proceed with plans to redevelop the area into a sustainable residential community. This faces Northgate with a potential loss of the business or the option to restructure their business model so that it would match the city’s vision for a new sustainable community.


Competencies; Sustainability; Competitive advantage; Public policy; Zoning; Corporate strategy; Strategy - business and marketing

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