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Compact case
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Amity Research Centers (2017)
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Started in 1927, Volvo Cars had been part of Swedish Volvo Group (Volvo). With operations in more than 100 countries, the Volvo was a well-known brand around the world. Since 2010, Volvo Cars had been under the leadership of China based Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. Ltd. Safety and reliability was the primal core of Volvo Cars. Historically, Volvo was synonym for safety. In 2011, Volvo Cars changed its position from safety and reliability to luxury and performance. With change in focus, Volvo's sales got stagnant. The Company was in a situation of identity crisis. To establish an emotional connect with the consumer, Volvo Cars launched 'Live Fully Now' ad campaign. Through the campaign Volvo encouraged the people to rediscover their passion. Taking forward the human element, the company launched another ad campign in June 2017. In the new ad campaign, Volvo Cars highlighted the advance safety feature for XC60. Amidst this backdrop, would Volvo Cars be able to overcome the identity crisis situation and connect with consumer with new approach to brand building?
Learning objectives:
1. Brand journey of Volvo. 2. Volvo’s identity crisis. 3. Brand management.
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