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Anna Rosinus (Hochschule Mainz)
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9 pages
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Field research
KSK Vintage Winery is a start-up in one of the oldest industries in the world: winemaking. The case study, 'KSK Vintage Winery: A new business model in a mature industry', deals with the company’s earliest days – their seed stage, and, in particular, the decision to fund the business by reward-based crowdfunding. It also includes a brief description of the German wine industry, a summary of the development of the business idea and some background information concerning the two founders. This case was written with the support of a Case Writing Scholarship awarded by The Case Centre.
Learning objectives:
1. After working on the case, students will have uncovered the 'secret sauce' of a successful start-up in one of the oldest industries in the world (winemaking). 2. They will be able to compare and analyse different business models within the same industry by mapping differences in business models using the value chain framework as well as the Business Model Canvas. 3. They will have learned about a modern way of start-up/business financing, ie crowdfunding. 4. Furthermore, students will be motivated to discuss how the Lean Startup approach can be realised in practice, in particular by using reward-based crowdfunding. 5. Additionally, they will learn how to prepare and make entrepreneurial decisions and how to communicate their reasoning, and discuss controversial matters, as well as take and defend a position.
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