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French language
Published by:
INSEAD (2017)
10 pages
Data source:
Field research
Check out the short video trailer for a quick case synopsis.
Compte Nickel


This is a French version. The case explains how Compte-Nickel found a blue ocean in the crowded French retail banking sector by identifying non-customers and developing a strategy to attract them. Traditional banks focused on developing financial technology to make their offerings more appealing, whereas Compte-Nickel created a blue ocean by looking at the non-customers the other banks ignored: low income earners and people facing financial exclusion. This case comes with lecture slides, and a two-part exclusive video interview with Hugues Le Bret, CEO of the fintech Compte-Nickel for educators (link in ‘Extra information’ section).


Blue Ocean Strategy; Banking; Finance; Fintech; Start-up; Entrepreneurship; French retail bank; France
Other setting(s):
2014 - 2016

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