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INSEAD (2018)
24 pages
Data source:
Field research
This is part of a case series. The Executive Challenge is an experiential exercise in resolving two challenges that executives need to master to become competent leaders. The first is processing and making decisions on complex and delicate issues with limited information. The second is dealing sensitively with other people, including taking and offering accurate feedback. The exercise is available in two other versions, groups of 6 and groups of 7.
Learning objectives:
1. To put students in executive shoes and practice handling issues and decisions that senior managers deal with on a daily basis. It allows them to practice behavioural observation skills, and giving and receiving feedback. 2. This exercise allows students to sense the pressure executives face balancing multiple demands in limited time. 3. Reflect and get feedback on their management style; give feedback to others on their styles. 4. Implement management skills and strategies taught in previous classes. 5. Experience how they take up management roles in relation to others.
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