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Subject category: Marketing
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INSEEC - Organisation et Développement (2018)
24 pages
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Field research


The Harley-Davidson(R) brand has one hundred-plus years of history in the motorcycle industry. Its legend has developed steadily over time thanks to the style and quality of its motorcycles and the community and lifestyle associated with the brand. The brand has so far, however, only been present in the segment of powerful bikes, but the company has now decided to widen Harley's range to target consumers who live in an urban environment, by offering a 750cc model. The marketing operation associated with the new product will not just involve organising a launch in the strictest sense of the term, but it will also entail attracting new customers who are more used to riding scooters than a Harley-Davidson. The approach is revolutionary!


Motorbike industry; Brand positioning; Expansion; Communication strategy
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