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Shannon Sibbald (Independent Author); Ross Graham (Region of Waterloo)
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Generalised experience


The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986) redefined the concept of health and highlighted circumstances of improving it. Among its many recommendations was the need for the health sector to grow beyond its traditional role of providing clinical and curative services and to incorporate health promotion. Lauren Kitsman, a health promoter for an Ontario hospital wondered how to implement a health promotion approach in her hospital. As a trained health promoter working in an organizational change role, she looked to health promotion theory to understand the health issues at the hospital and identified potential areas to inform health promotion action. She turned to the health promoting hospitals approaching order to bridge the gap between acute care and health promotion and prevention in a hospital setting. Yet, as she looked deeper into HPHs in Ontario and their linking network, the Ontario Health Promoting Hospitals Network (OHPHN), she discovered the initiative had largely been unsuccessful. Health Promoting Hospital Networks had been successful in Europe, and there was momentum in other provinces (Quebec, in particular). Why was Ontario so different, and what could be done to overcome the barriers to make the work of this network successful? Lauren is unsure of next steps, but knew she wanted to make changes that were sustainable and in-line with HPH approaches.


Health care; Health promotion; Hospital; Public health

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