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Subject category: Marketing
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INSEAD (2018)
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29 pages
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Field research


Serial social entrepreneur Andreas Souvaliotis is looking at new ways to achieve his lifelong mission: to improve the health and wellness of his Canadian compatriots. His previous venture, Green Rewards, demonstrated the power of loyalty rewards to promote environmentally-conscious purchases. Andreas is now looking to impact non-commercial habits like walking more, eating less, as well as education. The health and wellness market is growing but hyper competitive, with more than 150,000 apps available on Google Play or on the App Store. B2B or B2C? Fitness, nutrition or mindfulness? Fee, freemium or free? Stand-alone or in collaboration? These are the key questions students must address to help Andreas and his team achieve their goal - and make a profit.


Food; Marketing; Nutrition; Health; Exercising; Fitness; Loyalty; Government; Incentive; Responsibility; Mobile commerce; Habits; Branding; Regulation


The events covered by this item took place in 2018.

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Computer software; Health, wellness and fitness

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