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Christina Neylan (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Business School)
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Moving across cultures is complicated. English, as an international medium of business communication, has reduced the distance between countries and facilitated international trade and movement of people. Speaking a common language creates a false sense of security as different cultural values and norms lead to misunderstanding. Today’s innovative organisations have responded to the challenge by putting various diversity and inclusion policies in place to ease the transition for employees as well as benefiting from a diverse and inclusive culture. Millennials spend so much time in the office leaving little time to build a social life outside of work. This case is about Eunice Lee, a cyber specialist, who moves to Zurich leaving family and friends behind in Singapore. Eunice was head-hunted by Cybot`s CEO Andreas Weber, who wants to bring his company to the Asian market. The case narrates the cross-cultural challenges as well as the internal struggle faced by Eunice both in her new work environment and in her social life in Zurich as she navigates the challenges alone. By analysing the case, readers should identify the challenges of moving to a new environment, explain their underlying causes with reference to theories of cross-cultural communication and management, examine the importance of a global mindset when taking up an overseas assignment, the role of diversity and inclusion and how to bridge the gap. The case is targeted to bachelor, master, and executives as part of an intercultural management training programme.


Intercultural management; Intercultural communication; Diversity and inclusion; Global mindset; Cultural differences east and west; Overseas assignment; Leadership
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