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Reference no. JIACS19-01-05
Published by:
Allied Business Academies (2013)
Revision date:
in "Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies"
10 pages
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Published sources


The primary subject matter of this case concerns corporate mergers in the Information Technology industry. The secondary issues are strategic management and assessment of merger approaches. This case can be used in several different courses within a typical business curriculum. It is probably best suited for a class in Business Strategy or Strategic Management, at the advanced undergraduate or graduate levels. This case study works well in a General Finance course when discussing mergers and acquisitions. This case study can also be effectively used in Information Systems or Information Technology courses where the goal is to better understand the IT industry and the major players and strategies within the industry. The case has a difficulty level of upper level undergraduate (3 or 4) or graduate (5, 4, or 7) students. The case is designed to be taught in two or three class hours and is expected to require four hours of outside preparation by students.

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