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Amity Research Centers (2018)
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Netflix, the US based leading media services provider, was a perfect example of disruptive innovation. Since its inception in 1997, the company revolutionised the way people watched television. The digital streaming video industry was exploding and Netflix had consistently leveraged its first mover advantage. Over the years the company had attained market leadership position and by 2016 the company had successfully registered 100 million subscribers around the world. In a short span of time Netflix had expanded to 190 countries, accounting for 97% of global market. As of 2018, Netflix had registered a massive global subscriber base of 120 million users and market capitalisation close to USD150 billion. However, the company's torrid growth came crashing to a halt when its target for new subscribers fell short by more than a million in the second quarter of 2018 and its stock plunged by nearly 14%. The shortfall sparked fears among investors and analysts regarding the streaming giant's future. In the face of new challenges and growing competition it remained to be seen if Netflix would continue to push the envelope of innovation and success.


Netflix; Streaming; Amazon Prime; Hulu; Subscription service; Content innovation; Disrupted; Marketing; Acquisition cost; Smart downloads; Disney; Google; YouTube; Subscription growth rate; International expansion
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