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Subject category: Marketing
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RSM Case Development Centre (2019)
36 pages
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Field research


The Dutch firm TomTom was founded in 1991 as a small software development company in the B2B market. At the turn of the century, TomTom started to focus on digital mapping and GPS navigation, which resulted in the world's first Portable Navigation Device (PND) for the mass market. In just three years, TomTom grew to become a billion euro a year company. The introduction of the iPhone and of Google's free mapping and navigation services in the 2000s however disrupted the market. TomTom had to diversify into telematics and 'location technology' where it sold and licensed its software to the automotive industry and to tech companies. In the second half of 2018, TomTom was in the process of winding down its PND business. After nearly 30 years of evolution, TomTom had returned to its root and was seeing itself once again as a B2B company. Thanks to the success of the PND, TomTom had created a strong consumer brand that was still imprinted in people's mind as being about fun and ease of use. But now TomTom had to find new ways to communicate with its business customers and showcase its advanced technologies. How could TomTom best do that?

Teaching and learning

This item is suitable for postgraduate and executive education courses.


Marketing, branding, innovation; Disruption; Technology; Automotive; Navigation; B2B; Google; Self-driving cars; Autonomous driving


The events covered by this item took place in 2018.

Geographical setting

The Netherlands; United States

Featured company

Company name:
EUR 687 million
Public company

Featured protagonist

  • Corinne Vigreux (female), Co-founder

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2021 - The Case Centre Awards - Category winner
2020 - The Case Centre Awards - Outstanding Case Writer Competition winner
2019 - EFMD Case Writing Competition - category winner

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