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Reference no. BEP8113
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Business Expert Press (2019)
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"Service Excellence in Organizations: Eight Key Steps to Follow and Achieve It, Volume I"
20 pages


This chapter is excerpted from 'Service Excellence in Organizations: Eight Key Steps to Follow and Achieve It, Volume I'. This book is structured in two volumes. Volume I deals with the basic tenets of service excellence, while Volume II suggests mechanisms, tools, and techniques to help embed to excellence as the foundation of value that the organization delivers. Both contain practical examples used by some of the companies we know and love; both also contain a self-assessment diagnostic tool that enables organizations to identify where they have built significant strengths in terms of service excellence and where opportunities to enhance their operations exist. In this first volume, the first chapter introduces the distinction between customer service and service excellence and some of the drivers behind this. The way in which the brand acts to draw the customer into a relationship is covered in the second chapter. The third chapter explores aspects of the customer, their behavior, and experience that any organization needs to understand intimately in order to be able to offer a sensitive and responsive service. A huge element of effective service provision and relationship building is trust, and this is the subject of the fourth chapter. The fifth and the final chapter addresses the quality aspects of service and the way in which some organizations regularly go above and beyond expectations to delight their customer, keep them coming back, and make them rave about the experience they have in their relationships with the organization.


Customer delight; Brand engagement; Service drama; Servicescape; Customer activity cycle; Brand authenticity; Customer relationship management; Loyalty; Advocacy; Partnering; Customer lifetime value; Touchpoints; Product / service lifecycle; Change drivers; Innovation

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