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WDI Publishing, William Davidson Institute (EDI), University of Michigan (2019)
19 February 2019
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26 pages
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This case is based on a negotiation that took place in the fall of 2018 between a BMW customer and BMW Customer Relations over the continued and repeated failure of Bridgestone Potenza Run-Flat (RF) original equipment (OE) tires. The case provides an in-class experience for students to discuss and learn multiple facets, strategies, and tactics of negotiations. It can be used within any undergraduate or graduate negotiations class or in a course that explores elements of marketing and customer service. The role of social media in this case adds an interesting and unique discussion point. In this case, the negotiation is presented in five rounds. Students should read the five rounds one at a time and sequentially, with a pause at the end of each round for an instructor-led discussion.


BATNA; Customer relationship management; Customer satisfaction; Customer service; Negotiation; Negotiation models; Negotiation types

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