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INSEAD (2019)
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The Indian Premier League: Innovation Without Disruption


The background notes accompany the free online case 'Indian Premier League: Innovation Without Disruption,' a self-paced, interactive case that lets readers analyze the strategic logic behind the launch of Indian Premier League (IPL) using blue ocean analytical tools and frameworks. With visual aids and interactive exercises, the case explores how the IPL transformed traditional days-long cricket matches into a thrilling three-hour sports drama with Bollywood music and cheerleaders, and opened up a new market space - 'cricketainment' on the pitch and on primetime TV for families to enjoy. Students and executives come to understand the IPL and cricketainment market as an example of nondisruptive creation, ie, they did not displace or disrupt the existing sector (players, products or services). They were creative but not destructive of what went before, ie, the domestic cricket league and other forms of entertainment. Applying Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne's three-step process, readers discover how the IPL unlocked a new market that was beneficial to both the domestic cricket league and the entertainment industry.


Blue Ocean Strategy; Blue Ocean Shift; Indian Premier League; Value innovation; Sport; Cricket; India; Bollywood; IPL; Non-disruptive creation; Sports business; Public private partnership; Disruption; Entertainment


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