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Chavi Chi Yun Fletcher-Chen (IESEG School of Management)
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A project team is often made up of team members from diverse backgrounds. To complete a team project, each of the team members is required to contribute to his or her expertise. The diverse composition of a team may affect how team members interact with each other and thereby, affecting team development. Communication is a key element to carry out a team's project. On the one hand, communication is crucial in developing a cohesive, well-formed and functioning project. On the other hand, communication creates barriers and can distort, prevent or compromise a project's execution. The background notes provide essential knowledge and insights into team development. The team-based exercise offers hands-on experience in team development. The background notes and the team-based exercise highlights three aspects: how individuals in a team can improve their communication with others, how uncertainty and diversity can affect team dynamics and how creativity and relationships can transform a team to cope with a changing environment.

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This item is suitable for postgraduate and executive education courses.


Team development; Team communication


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France; Italy

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