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Web-based case
Reference no. MK2-153-I-M
Subject category: Marketing
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IE Business School (2019)
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Web-based case
Data source:
Field research
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In this technical note, students will get an introduction to key concepts in digital marketing, social media and mobile marketing. It should serve as an introduction to the topic that they can refer to throughout their studies to refresh key ideas and concepts.Through the multimedia, they will be able to read the technical information on the right side of the screen while, on the left side of the screen, they will scroll through an example. This will be presented through Maria and her journey through the different digital marketing channels while looking for a hotel in India. The example will be the more visually appealing part of the multimedia, presented through pictures and videos. At the end of the technical note, there will be an interactive exercise that the students can do as a series of quizzes where they can earn badges that display everything they have learned throughout the material. Since the example relates to the hotel in India, the material will have a Bollywood theme throughout.


Marketing; Omnichannel; Sales; Online; UX; Social media; Digital marketing; Customer journey


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