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Subject category: Marketing
Glyn Atwal (Burgundy School of Business); Douglas Bryson (Rennes School of Business)
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Jamie Oliver is a British celebrity chef who has inspired millions of people to take an active interest in what they cook and ultimately eat. He has been recognized as a pioneering force in fostering new cooking trends and techniques. He has in the last two decades democratized contemporary food culture, helping to bring the joys of cooking into the mainstream. The success of his TV shows and cook books has helped Jamie Oliver become more than just a celebrity chef. He has emerged as an ambitious entrepreneur. The success of the Jamie Oliver brand has created new business opportunities, including the launch of the Jamie's Italian restaurant chain in 2008. However, in May 2019, the restaurant chain collapsed into administration. How could a restaurant chain which bears the name of one of the world's most influential chefs go out of business? What were the causes of this business failure and what lessons can be learned?


Marketing strategy & planning; Brand management and branding; Hospitality and restaurants; Hospitality business; Competitive advantage; Five force analysis; Marketing mix


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