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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (2020)
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Rotary Central TTK-VHS Blood Bank, situated in the premises of a multi-specialty hospital named, Voluntary Health Services (VHS) in Chennai, is a supplier of safe blood and blood components to various hospitals across Chennai. VHS is a non-profit organization serving the needy sections of the society. It procures blood from voluntary donors by organizing blood donation camps at various places in Tamil Nadu and separates blood into its components after appropriate testing of the collected blood. It also makes arrangement for regular blood transfusion for Thalassemia patients in its hemophilia center. Since blood and blood components are perishable and have a short shelf life, accurate forecasting of demand for various components of blood is essential. Due to gap in supply and demand and perishability of blood components, Athmanathan, CAO (Chief Administrator) of VHS Blood Bank felt that the data could be used to predict the future demand on a daily basis and to help in planning blood donation camps accordingly.


Analytics; Forecasting; Hypothesis testing; Operations; Statistical analysis; Supply chain management; Supply chain optimization

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