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IBS Center for Management Research (2020)
13 pages
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Dublin-based Experian PLC was facing a high attrition rate since 2016. With every 1 percent turnover increase, the company was losing nearly USD3 million. Due to manual workforce management methods, the company was unable to identify the root cause of the attrition. Thus, HR specialists at Experian decided to get a better view of the workforce by applying data and technology to its HR strategy. Being a data driven company, Experian's HR specialist used in-house predictive modeling technology to strategically analyze employee data and came up with an innovative solution called predictive workforce analytics. This case discusses about how the implementation of predictive workforce analytics yielded favorable results for Experian. As of 2019, the company's global attrition rate decreased by 4 percent, saving the company CAD14 million in a period of two years. Experian then started providing its solution to other businesses houses.

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This item is suitable for undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education courses.


Predictive workforce analytics; Employee retention; Human resource planning; Human resource information system; HRIS; HR analytics; Attrition; 'Returnships' policy; HR strategy; Experian


The events covered by this item took place in 2018-2020.

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Ireland; United States; United Kingdom

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Company name:
Experian PLC
USD 4.861 billion (2018-2019)
Public company
Business & consumer services

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