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Amity Research Centers (2020)
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Globally, talent was inevitably accepted as a key enabler and critical catalyst of organisational growth and success. The ongoing global digital transformation emphasised on attracting and retaining skilled talent, and the strategy of total talent acquisition was progressively getting imbibed in a company's overall business processes. This helped in businesses becoming more agile and scalable to fulfil workforce requirements in real time. Organisations were continuously leveraging new approaches and building up core competencies to achieve timely workforce acquisitions. Walmart, one of world's largest companies had proactively reformed its talent acquisition strategies to keep up with the rapid changes in the retail market. Walmart's talent acquisition strategy was based on a holistic view covering - corporate culture, organisational structure, performance management and career development. The organisation used specialised software to collect and evaluate HR data from stores to enrich its central database. Thereafter, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning identified major trends, which enabled Walmart to follow an uninterrupted hiring and training process for timely filling up of vacancies. Besides, Walmart was also adapting several new age initiatives for transforming its talent acquisition strategy. Would Walmart be able to set new trends in managing talent and also leverage technology for sustainable business growth?

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Talent acquisition; Key enabler; Critical catalyst; Organisational growth and success; Global digital transformation; Attracting and retaining skilled talent; Total talent acquisition strategy; Overall business processes; Building core competencies; Retail market; Corporate culture; Organisational structure; Performance management; Career development


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