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Reference no. JIBE14-0CS4
Published by:
NeilsonJournals Publishing (2019)
Revision date:
in "Journal of International Business Education"
10 pages
Data source:
Field research


This case illustrates the challenges faced by Spectrum Industries, an Indian-based Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), while expanding into the international market. The company was engaged in the manufacture and sale of food processing machinery in the country, with a colour sorter as its leading product. Amidst increasing market competition, Spectrum wanted to expand into foreign markets. Mr Jeevan, the CEO and owner of Spectrum Industries, wanted to analyse and evaluate the factors that could impact the expansion process, and accordingly, decide upon the right expansion strategy. The use case, at a macro level, also points to the problems faced by SMEs in expanding their business beyond borders. The case provides students the opportunity to identify the various factors that SMEs should consider while selecting the countries to expand into; and also understand the timing and scale of entry. It also encourages them to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of different entry modes that Spectrum could take and strategize the best way forward. This case study has been peer reviewed by the editorial board of the Journal of International Business Education (JIBE).


Internationalization; SMEs; Food processing machinery; Entrepreneurship; India

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