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INSEAD (2020)
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Field research


Without action on sustainability, the supply of cocoa beans - and hence chocolate - cannot be maintained. Barry Callebaut (BC), the world's largest B2B cocoa and chocolate company, has gone from taking little interest in 'sustainable cocoa production' to embracing it fully. In 2016, it set four ambitious targets to achieve by 2025: to eradicate child labour from its supply chain, to lift more than half a million cocoa farmers out of poverty, to become carbon-and-forest-positive, and ensure 100% sustainable ingredients in all products. Recognizing that it could not bring about change in isolation, BC started a movement, 'Forever Chocolate', involving multiple stakeholders. Demonstrating that sustainability must be an integral part of doing business, the case describes its progress over the first two years and illustrates the difficulties encountered. It challenges students to consider whether BC's approach constitutes 'radical corporate sustainability' and what more could be done.


Sustainability; Cocoa; Chocolate industry; Supply chain; Corporate social responsibility; Radical corporate sustainability; Industry self-regulation; Multi-stakeholder initiatives; Child labour; Poverty; Climate change; Deforestation; Farming; West Africa


The events covered by this item took place in 2018.

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