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Reference no. 820-0038-1
Subject category: Entrepreneurship
Published by:
The Case Centre (2020)
in "Case Focus - The Journal of Business & Management Teaching Cases, Middle East and Africa Edition"
10 pages
Data source:
Field research


Grand Cinemas, Lebanon’s largest cinema chain, is considered an immensely significant candidate for a case study, since it offers important insights into the entertainment sector in developing countries, where there are limited resources and an unstable political environment. Grand Cinemas is a family-owned movie theatre chain in the Levant area. Despite its small size, Grand Cinemas has managed to become one of the largest cinema chains in the Middle East with 10 multiplexes across 7 cities. It currently operates in three countries: Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait with 82 screens, 12,000 plus seats and around 280 employees and is still expanding mainly into the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. Grand Cinemas has continued to produce outstanding results despite its small size and the instability of the countries in which it operates. Grand Cinemas was able to succeed by satisfying a basic need for entertainment in a turbulent and unstable region of the world, capitalising on technological advancements, and adopting a customer-centred vision. The case study reveals the strategies used for growth by Grand Cinemas that capitalise on its strengths and utilise its opportunities. The research utilised an inductive approach to provide the rich descriptive, exploratory and explanatory purposes of the case. Thirteen in-depth interviews were carried out with Grand Cinemas’ top executives and other cinema industry experts.

Teaching and learning

This item is suitable for postgraduate and executive education courses.


Entertainment industry; Cinemas


Geographical setting

Lebanon; Jordan; Kuwait

Featured company

Company name:
Grand Cinemas
Privately held

Featured protagonists

  • Selim Ramia (male), Founder and CEO
  • Carly Ramia (female), Group Head of Marketing
  • Jean Ramia (male), Managing Director

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