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Compact case
Published by:
The Case Centre (2020)
in "Case Focus - The Journal of Business & Management Teaching Cases, Middle East and Africa Edition"
4 pages
Data source:
Generalised experience


This is part of a case series. A couple months after the end of Case A, when Messrs O'Toule and Davos had returned to Canada, President Tadao was demised. Elections were held on February 2019 and Mr Kwadwado was elected President. His party, Songhai Now, won 55 of the 100 seats in Parliament. In an effort to forge national unity, the leader of the Opposition, Mr Kaduuloo, was appointed Speaker of Parliament. Change was in the air. Simultaneously, O'Toule and Davos decided to launch a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility program, through which they could support President Kwadwado's anti-corruption agenda.

Teaching and learning

This item is suitable for postgraduate and executive education courses.




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Company name:
RDRS Mining
Public company
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Featured protagonists

  • Charles O'Toule (male), Chief Executive Officer
  • John Davos (male), Chief Financial Officer
  • Kofi Kwadwado (male), President
  • Mr Kaduuloo (male), Speaker of Parliament
  • Michael Tadao (male), Head of Natural Resources

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