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Reference no. 320-0279-5
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Kaustav Saha (T A Pai Management Institute); Amit Srivastava (T A Pai Management Institute)
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This industry analysis game involves economic exchange in a hypothetical market within the classroom in teams of 3-5 students. The game simulates market activities in the sketch pen industry, which can be assumed as replication of any complex manufacturing industry like automobiles or electronics. The game is positioned primarily to exhibit Porter’s 5 forces model. This game is a strong experiential tool to demonstrate the external analysis of a firm. It is also useful in negotiation and marketing courses. The portrait with sketch pens is because the materials are easily available in any b-school or university setting.

Teaching and learning

This item is suitable for postgraduate and executive education courses.


Industry analysis; External analysis; Porter's Five Force Framework; Competitor analysis; Value chain analysis


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