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Catou Faust (Early makers group); Pascale Berthier (Early makers group)
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As professionals, Sam and Kim are invited by their former business school to take part in a roundtable. Of course, they are flattered to be called upon, but a little disconcerted by the request: to present their company's HRM strategy in less than 10 minutes, highlighting the alignment - or non-alignment - with its business strategy. Through this exercise, Sam and Kim will do something that all managers who are not experts in HRM should have the opportunity to do: take a step back and look at the HR practices they are subjected to and expected to implement in their teams in order to measure their implications in strategic terms. At the same time, Sam and Kim are asked by their companies to take advantage of the opportunity to look into the intergenerational issue. They are expected to 'get a sense of the situation' with regard to future graduates whose behavior is often presented by the press as being at odds with that of their elders.

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This item is suitable for postgraduate and executive education courses.


HRM strategy; Generation Z


The events covered by this item took place in 2019.

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Colombia; United States; France

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