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Reference no. 421-0033-1
Prize winner
Compact case
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INSEAD (2021)
5 pages
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The Dual Career Negotiation is a two-party, multi-issue role-play based on the true story of a real couple. Alma and Pierre (not their real names) are employed by the same company, Rikoff Projects, a French firm specializing in the design and construction of large-scale infrastructure. When Alma is assigned to a major project in Kuala Lumpur, Pierre seeks a position with Rikoff in Malaysia to support her career progression and enable them to live together. Then her project is cancelled. The company no longer has a job for Alma in Kuala Lumpur, only for Pierre. It can offer her a position in Dubai at a higher rank and higher pay - equivalent to their current earnings combined - but can’t offer Pierre a job there. If they stay in Kuala Lumpur, Alma has no job so their income will be halved. If they move to Dubai, Pierre has no job but Alma’s new salary will almost double what they currently make. The couple need to discuss what to do about their respective careers and their future together. This case has been made available free of charge.


Dual careers; Gender; Negotiation; Stereotyping; Work-family conflict; Diversity; Inclusion; Equity; Family roles; Civil engineering

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2020 - EFMD Case Writing Competition - category winner

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