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Reference no. 302-085-1
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IBS Center for Management Research (2002)
13 pages
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The case examines in detail the causes behind the break-up of the joint venture between TVS and Suzuki. The case also attempts to study the rationale behind the break-up from a strategic perspective and throws light on the post break-up prospects of TVS in the Indian two-wheeler industry. The case is intended to initiate the students to think about the problems in the joint venture which led to the break-up between TVS and Suzuki. The case enables the students to understand the dynamics of managing a joint venture and the strategic implications of a 'not-so-good' relationship between partners. At the end of the case discussion, students should have grasped the following issues: (1) a general understanding of the two-wheeler market in India; (2) the problems faced by the TVS Suzuki joint venture and the factors that led to their break-up; and (3) the post break-up prospects of TVS. The case is aimed at MBA/PGDBA students, and is intended to be a part of the strategy and general management curriculum.
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