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WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management (2002)
13 pages
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This case presents, for the example of Lufthansa Cargo AG, the status quo of yield management in the air cargo industry. It provides insights into the general structure and provides an overview of the competitive forces in the air cargo business. In particular, it presents Lufthansa Cargo AG as the market leader of the world air cargo market and describes its products and strategic view of the industry. It also shows how the company manages capacity utilisation by allocating space for high-margin express products, standard rate bookings, and long-term contracts. It focuses on the types, terms, and pricing of contracts offered and illustrates how the industry's thinking is moving more and more to a paradigm of flexible contract forms and dynamic pricing.
Germany, Air cargo, 2001, EUR2.5 billion in sales, 5,000 employees
Prizes won:
2009 - ecch European Case Awards - category winner
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