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Technical note
Reference no. 499-018-6
Published by:
Lagos Business School (1999)
8 pages


This technical note is to accompany the case ''The Red Star Spirit'' (499-018-1). the abstract is as follows: Red Star is a Nigerian courier company. It has a technical agreement with Federal Express (Fedex), which allows it to use the Fedex trademark. The case provides a short history of the company and a brief presentation of Red Star services. Incorporated in 1992, the company was in a sore state by 1995, with high debts and losses, low staff morale, problems with cash flow and low productivity. A new leadership to turn the company round was ushered in. The case shows what the new Managing Director did as he took over the leadership of the ailing company, and outlines the main elements of his change strategy. The case can be used for a session on the general topic of leadership or the more narrow topic of persuasive communication which is one facet of leadership. Such a session could be part of a module on leadership, on change or on managerial communication.


Change; Leadership; Persuasive communication
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