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Reference no. 9-505-038
Prize winner
Subject category: Marketing
Published by:
Harvard Business Publishing (2004)
28 July 2010
26 pages
Data source:
Field research
To maximise their effectiveness, colour items should be printed in colour.


Lilly and ICOS are preparing for the launch of a new drug, Cialis, to compete against Viagra. To position against the incumbent firm Pfizer, which developed and markets Viagra, and other newcomers into the erectile dysfunction market, they must determine how best to segment the market and which target market to focus on. The marketing plan should take advantage of Cialis's medical profile. In particular, they must pay special attention to the communication strategy to patients, physicians, and partners. The analysis, plan, and action should take into account extensive market research and recent competitive developments.


Market research; Market segmentation; Marketing planning; Communication strategy; Competition; Target markets; Product positioning
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