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Management article
Reference no. 93505
Published by:
Harvard Business Publishing (1993)
in "Harvard Business Review"
20 pages
In an earlier, groundbreaking article, Balanced Scorecard - Measures That Drive Performance, Reprint 92105, the authors proposed a new measurement system that provided managers with a comprehensive framework to translate a company's strategic objectives into a coherent set of performance measures. Now the authors show how several companies are putting the balanced scorecard to work. Effective measurement, the authors point out, must be an integral part of the management process. Much more than a measurement exercise, the balanced scorecard is a management system that can motivate breakthrough improvements in such critical areas as product, process, customer, and market development. Several examples - Rockwater, Apple Computer, and Advanced Micro Devices - illustrate how the scorecard combines measurement and management in different companies. From the experiences of these companies and others, the authors have found that the balanced scorecard is most successful when it is used to drive the process of change.
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