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Markus Pudelko (The University of Edinburgh Business School)
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12 pages
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Generalised experience


This very encompassing fiction case covers virtually every important aspect of expatriation. This refers firstly to the various stages and activities of expatriation: (1) overall expatriation strategy; (2) selection; (3) preparation; (4) technical organisation of expatriation; (5) working abroad period; (6) expatriate appraisal; (7) mentoring; and (8) repatriation. In addition, the case?s unique contribution is in exploring expatriation from all relevant perspectives: from the point of view of the expatriate, the management of headquarters and the management of the foreign subsidiary. This multiperspective approach is rather distinct from other texts in so far as expatriation usually tends to be regarded exclusively from the angle of the expatriate. In contrast, in particular the viewpoint of the local subsidiary tends to be completely neglected, both in research and teaching. The case finds its use in all courses that cover the issue of expatriation, that is: (1) human resource management (HRM); (2) international HRM; and (3) international business and management across cultures. The case has been written primarily for business students at the MBA level and for participants in executive education programmes. However, students in advanced undergraduate classes can also substantially benefit from this case. The case is accompanied by extensive teaching notes, including 29 questions and answers on 12 different sub-topics related to expatriation and background information.


Expatriation; Expatriate; Japan; USA; Repatriation; Selection; Preparation; Mentor; Headquarters; Subsidiary; Subsidiaries

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Awards, prizes & competitions

2009 - ecch European Case Awards - category winner
Classic case collection - Human Resource Management / Organisational Behaviour

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