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Reference no. 506-043-1
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IBS Center for Management Research (2006)
24 pages
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The case presents an overview of Haier's entry and expansion strategies into the Indian consumer durables market. Haier entered India by establishing its own subsidiary in late 2003. Contrary to its competitors, the company adopted the strategy of pricing the products at a premium and providing additional features. Haier consistently worked towards building its brand and developing the distribution network in India. Product innovation had been the core focus of Haier and the company flooded the Indian market with several new products like bottom mounted refrigerators and detergent-free washing machines. Haier also launched mobile phones and unveiled plans to bring out laptops. The case examines the marketing strategies of Haier in India and examines its expansion plans to achieve its goal of capturing 20% of the consumer durable market in India by 2010. This case is designed to enable students to: (1) study the entry and expansion strategies of Haier in India; (2) gain insights into the marketing mix of Haier to tap the Indian market; (3) analyse the efficacy of the strategies adopted by Haier to compete with Korean players like LG and Samsung in India; (4) examine the challenges faced by Haier in the Indian market; and (5) understand Haier's globalisation efforts in the developed and emerging markets of the world. The case is aimed at MBA/PGDBA students and is intended to be part of the international marketing and international business curriculum. The teaching note includes the abstract, teaching objectives and methodology, assignment questions, feedback of case discussion and additional readings and references.
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