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INSEAD (2006)
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26 pages
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Field research


MAS Holdings is a family-owned manufacturer of women's apparel, founded by three brothers who have built the business into a US$570 million business. Clients include the biggest brands in lingerie and sportswear. The textile industry makes up 50% of Sri Lankan exports, and these were coming under pressure as the US and the EU phased out quotas on exports, especially from China. The case is about using corporate social responsibility as a strategic tool in global competition. This is a multi-purpose case. At firm level, the emphasis is on leadership, corporate social responsibility, manufacturing strategy, and the development of corporate capabilities. MAS faces tough challenges on global markets, as China was taking the market share in textiles, but the big brands were also concerned about compliance with the UN millennium goals. The global politics of the textile industry is therefore a central issue. Students are invited to consider future policy directions for MAS Holdings.


Family business; Emerging market; Corporate social responsibility; Corporate leadership; Branding; Global trade system; Value chain; Strategy
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